Maps have been collected in August 2009 of Suriname timber concessions, mining concessions and protected areas. The map of the protected areas is provided by Narena and consists of various sub categories, which are not further specified in the analysis. The timber concession map consists of various subcategories as well, such as old concessions (before 1992), new concessions (1992 and later), exploration licenses, incidental cutting licenses, communal forests and concession applications. This map is provided by the Foundation for Forest Management and Production Control and dates from August 2009. The map of the mining concessions is based on the official map of the Department of Geology and Mining of the Ministry of Natural Resources, and dates from 2007 (provided by Narena). It consists of several subcategories, the most important one for the research area being gold concessions. Other subcategories are bauxite, oil, porknockers (small gold miners), sand, stone and other concessions. In the analysis no differentiation is made between these subcategories. The maps have been digitized and georeferenced using ArcGIS.

The scenario map “Suriname 2025 - grondgebruik” is made by VU students Tom Kuyper en Christiaan Jolly (using GeoDMS software, Ruimtescanner, Objectvision).

The Biodiversiteitskaart (measured in Fisher’s Alpha) is based on Van Andel et al. (2009), made by Sara Olga Ramírez Gómez, courtesy of Pitou van Dijck (CEDLA, UvA, Cordaid project on The Strategic Analysis and Participatory Plan of Action for South East Suriname).